Two Types of Mobile Apps for Events

Aside from the different software available to aid event planners organize their events, event tech has also trickled down to apps for events. This is a no-brainer given that almost everyone today owns a smartphone or tablet. There’s absolutely no need to tote around a laptop when you can do almost anything straight from your mobile device. If you have been wondering how the mobile tech sphere has already infiltrated the events industry, here are two types of apps that you can use for your events and current virtual event platform:

1.) Event App

The event app is something that event organisers have been recently providing to their attendees. It’s a type of app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store – allowing attendees to enjoy different features. This type of app usually comes together with the use of an event management software. Why? It’s because providers of this app ideally use one Content Management System (CMS) for both the app and the event website. This way, content is always synced or up to date via the dashboard of a software. We have to say that you can enjoy from an event management apps for ipad until event planning apps for iphone.

What are the features of this app, you may ask? Foremost it acts as an information hub to attendees. There’s no more need for you to distribute brochures and maps at the start of the event since anyone can simply use the app to see all pertinent event information including the agenda, speakers, sponsors, floor map, etc. In a way, this is healthier for the environment since paper handouts can be disregarded during events and end up in the trash.

Apps for events are usually password-protected to ascertain that only registered attendees can see its content. If you have been looking for this type of event solution, a simple search in Google would lead you to the top providers of this type of app. Make sure to look for a company that is willing to meet your needs.

2.) Event Check-in App

The other type of mobile app that can simply be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store is the onsite check-in app. This type of apps for events is reserved for event organizers only and is used specifically for the check-in process. Its basic features include guest list management and QR code reading. How does it read bar codes? It simply uses the camera of a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. You and your team will simply need to position the QR code in front of the camera for it to be read properly. Once the code is verified, a guest’s attendance is automatically confirmed.

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